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2019 Summer Camp Sessions are here!!!

Pick a session and consider a new sport - crew!!

Phone: 407-610-4769 if interested

Summer is a great time to start in crew.

NOR family suffers great loss with the passing of Otoniel Alvarez.

Otto passed away on December 21, 2018.  He was known and loved throughout the Florida rowing community.  Otto touched many young rowers by teaching them the value of hard work, how to have fun, the spirit of rowing , and the importance of friendships.  

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2017-2018 End of Season Video

This is the video that was played at the end of season banquet in 2018. Thanks to all for putting this together!

Halloween Regatta 2018

North Orlando competed in the annual Halloween Regatta sponsored by the Plant crew team

  • Middle School boat pulling through
  • Bob Ross boat?
  • Four getting ready to go
  • An 8 taking off
  • Loading boats
  • Boys Quad getting ready
  • Bob Ross lives on...
  • Middle School boat at the ready

Why rowing?


All North Orlando Rowing athletes have experienced physical transformations being a part of a competitive team.  North Orlando Rowing conditioning and strength training changes appearances, self-perception and self-esteem.


Rowing is the ultimate team sport.  In addition to individual conditioning and strength factors, rowing requires a synchronicity not found in many other sports.


Balancing the sport with scholastic work and other pursuits may be challenging at first.  The end result, however, is a focused young adult with time-management skills, ready to take on life’s challenges.

  • Carrying the boat to the dock
  • Coach Cam monitoring the team
  • Moving the boat to the water
  • A successful race
  • Middle School team lowering the boat

North Orlando Rowing

North Orlando Rowing or 'NOR', has been rowing on Lake Fairview since 2007.  During this time the team has grown and produced  collegiate rowers every year.  North Orlando prides itself on building rowers with skills and character.  

Rowing is hard work but fun!  Rowers make lifetime friendships, learn a sport that can last a lifetime and develop the discipline to succeed.  NOR coaches will teach new rowers the basics through the fine points of sweep and skull rowing and rowers can take the sport as far as they wish.  

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North Orlando Rowing

Phone: 407-610-4769